Seth Vishambhar Nath Group Of Educational Institutions

Welcome to Seth Vishambhar Nath Institute of Pharmacy/ Provides ALL 12TH Science passed out students to pursue D. Pharm & B. Pharm course and all B. Pharm students to pursue M. Pharm course



Seth Vishambhar Nath Institute of Pharmacy is a well established institution of Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, having a high profile with interdisciplinary areas of specializations in Pharmacy. Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) had approved intake of 100 students for the course of Bachelor of Pharmacy. Seth Vishambhar Nath Institute of Pharmacy offers post graduate courses including Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, (Regular).
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Teaching and research is strengthened by 2 computer labs with 50 computers and with availability of all latest softwares (like Chem Draw, Bioassay Methods etc) necessary for pharmaceutical sciences and other allied areas. Most of the softwares are available on multiple terminals so as to allow maximum students to take their advantage at any given time. All terminals are facilitated with high speed internet connectivity. AIP has an excellent faculty profile. Currently 11 faculty members having Ph.D. degrees from reputed Pharmacy Institutions like: Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Delhi, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER-SAS Nagar), University of Delhi Punjab University, Jamia Hamdard University, Banaras Hindu University, etc. remaining rest of the faculties are pursuing their part-time Ph.D. programme of Amity University, Uttar Pradesh.

The faculties are well trained in diverse disciplines of Pharmacy and allied areas such as Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharm. Biotechnology etc. All the faculty members regularly attend Seminars, Conferences of National and International levels as well as Staff Development Programmes and also FDP organized by Amity University.

For any education and research Institute, Library is an essential and integral part for effective dissemination of latest knowledge and conduct of research in frontier areas. Amity Institute of Pharmacy has its own library and a spacious reading room. The library is equipped with 1500 books and 250 no. of titles covering different aspects of Pharmacy, National and International Journals and about 50 online Journals.

Internet facilities are used by faculties for class room teaching. We have an excellent interface between student and faculty in the form of Mentor Mentee system and Grievance cell in the institute. Student problems both academic & personal are addressed by an efficient workforce of Programme Coordinators.

To bring social transformation through quality education.

Our Vision

To be a leading educational baluster for the integrated development of the students , create professionals , entrepreneurs with high moral and ethical values and be ready to vanquish the confrontations of the future.

Our Mission

M1: To provide quality pharmacy education while supporting the nation’s better health care program.

M2: To train and educate students to contribute to the health of the community.

M3: To develop world-class pharmacy proficients.

M4: To enrich the business knowledge of the students through problem solving approach.

From the Desk of Chairman

“Education is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment.”

                                                                                                                  Dr. Abdul Kalam

These words by Dr. Abdul Kalam flawlessly represents our aim at “Seth Vishambahar Nath Group of Educational Institution”, “Building a future for youth is a tough task, but building youth for the time ahead” is something we define here. We at Seth Vishambhar Nath Group believe that quality and so our motto, “Adherence to quality” becomes the fulcrum on which all our activities are designed and implemented.

Dear students, You are the future innovators of society and this is our ardent wish that the time you spend in “Seth Vishambahar Nath Group of Educational Institution” will accourte you for the forthcoming challenges. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

We are enhancing   our college at all levels, this would aid and support our students, the upcoming nation builders to gain fine qualities that you will assimilate, and the skills you will learn will be leading beneficence for them.

The philosophy on which this citadel of learning is conceived is to teach the student to master not just study, any dream is incomplete without a vision and our strategy here is not just to create a future for you but to make sure you have the expertise for any unique challenge. There are different tasks and we put prodigious energy to inculcate your accomplishment.

 “Knowledge becomes power only when it is put into use.”

BEST WISHES[/read_more]

Raghav Rastogi

Chairman SVNGEI
Seth Vishambhar Nath Group of Educational Institutions

Director's Message

I cordially invite you to Seth Vishambhar Nath Institute of Pharmacy. With a community of well-experienced, highly skilled, and devoted instructors, we are dedicated to cultivating dynamism, strong human values, and good leadership characteristics in all of our students. Correct education is the only wealth that helps shape our career and on the basis of which not only can we earn living, but also imbibe knowledge about almost everything.  The art and science of manufacturing, researching, compounding, and administering medications is known as pharmacy. It is a well-known reality that everyone becomes unwell at some point in their lives, and it is then a pharmacist’s duty comes into play. We need medications just as much as we need food. The present is rapidly changing, and as a result, industrial need is always modifying. The Institute has extremely strong relationships with the industry and continues to receive substantial assistance from numerous organisations, which is essential in organising training and internships for students to enhance their technical and personal skills. We believe in encouraging students to achieve their own potential, analytical and ethical qualities by utilising up-to-date infrastructural facilities on campus in order to become a globally competitive professional and deserving citizen of our glorious nation, India.

We have well-qualified professors, technicians, facilities, and an environment in our institute to provide superior pharmacy education.

We have a student-friendly environment and an atmosphere that not only encourages students to learn about the numerous concepts of Pharmacy, but also aids in their general growth, so that when a student finishes his course of study, he/she is industry ready. This is a never-ending and lucrative career since there will always be a demand for medications as long as man exists. With open arms, I welcome all students to the institute and tell them that they are making the best career decision.


Prof. (Dr.) Arpita Singh
Director, SVNIP

Greetings and a very warm welcome to “Seth Vishamabhar Nath Institute of Engineering & Technology”, Safedabad, Barabanki. I would like to invite you all to enlighten us with the new innovative thoughts and ideas of the youth, our future creators.

In this epoch of globalization of education, our focal point is quality education. Building excellency is not an unhindered operation, it requires zeal, audacity, and gallantry of work. A magnificent institution endeavors frequently for nourishment and enhancement of quality in every field. [read_more id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Our faculty lead to an extraordinary enrichment of the experience of our students that is realized at the graduate and postgraduate levels. The education provided to our students develops great scholars who are well-prepared to advance knowledge and enhancement of technology. The opportunities given to our upcoming nation builders our students maintain a magnitude of experience education so that our students are ready for forthcoming experiences. Our students learn skills as well as gain knowledge about new discoveries and acquire values regarding the evaluation, and communication that provides authority for future phases in their lives as well as careers.

Here at “Seth Vishamabhar Nath Institute of Engineering & Technology, we teach our students to pursue their questions in every way regarding any critical criteria, we develop the personality of our students so that they do not hesitate to reach out to our faculty and this is how we excel our efforts as an educational institution. The recommendation of our institution comes with great responsibility.

Our institutional success is supported by a devoted team of teachers and non-teaching employees. I see myself as an authority and a friend who helps in the development of the college’s core soul, our teachers and non-teaching employees.

I welcome the upcoming students and ask them to join us on a brilliantly challenging adventure.

BEST WISHES[/read_more]

Dr. Manish Nigam
Director, SVNIET

Affiliation & Approval​

Seth Vishambhar Nath Institute of Pharmacy is approved by PCI, New Delhi. The Institute is affiliated to Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University and the Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

Diploma in Pharmacy Program

Board of Technical Education (BTE) Uttar Pradesh Lucknow

Approved/Recognized by:
Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi.

Bachelor of Pharmacy Program:

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow (AKTU)

(Formerly Uttar Pradesh Technical University)

Approved/Recognized by:
Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi.

M. Pharm Program

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow (AKTU)

(Formerly Uttar Pradesh Technical University)

Approved/Recognized by:
Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi.





Accreditation & Tie-up

Seth Vishambhar Nath Institute of Pharmacy (SVNIP) was established in 2018 as a private Pharmacy college in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh India and is affiliated to AKTU and BTE and Approved by PCI.

Since then, the college has been making every effort to reach the height of the rules and regulations of the National Board Of Accreditation. We have worked in all major ways to meet the needs of the officers and to create a stable and knowledgeable environment with all the facilities for the coming generations of this country. We are also looking forward to qualify ourselves for the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in the coming years.

NBA came into existence as an independent autonomous body with effect from 7th January 2010 with the objectives of assurance of quality and relevance to technical education, especially of the programs in professional and technical disciplines, i.e., Engineering and Technology, Management, Architecture, Pharmacy and Hotel Management and Catering Technology, through the mechanism of accreditation of programs offered by technical institutions.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a process of quality assurance and improvement, whereby a programme in an approved Institution is critically appraised to verify that the Institution or the programme continues to meet and/or exceed the Norms and Standards prescribed by regulator from time to time. It is a kind of recognition which indicates that a programme or Institution fulfils certain standards.

Why is accreditation?

The purpose of the accreditation by NBA is to promote and recognize excellence in technical education in colleges and universities – at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels. Institutions, students, employers, and the public at large all benefit from the external verification of quality provided through the NBA accreditation process. They also benefit from the process of continuous quality improvement that is encouraged by the NBA’s developmental approach to promote excellence in technical education. Through accreditation, the following main purposes are served:

  • Support and advice to technical institutions in the maintenance and enhancement of their quality of provision;
  • Confidence and assurance on quality to various stakeholders including students;
  • Assurance of the good standing of an Institution to government departments and other interested bodies;
  • Enabling an Institution to state publicly that it has voluntarily accepted independent inspection and has satisfied all the requirements for satisfactory operation and maintenance of quality in education.

Impact of accreditation:

The purpose and impact of accreditation goes far beyond quality assurance of an Institution and its programs. Major impacts of accreditation system are summarized below:

  • Encourages quality improvement initiatives by Institutions.
  • Improves student enrolment both in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Helps the Institution in securing necessary funds.
  • Enhances employability of graduates.
  • Facilitates transnational recognition of degrees and mobility of graduates and professionals.
  • Motivates faculty to participate actively in academic and related Institutional / departmental activities.
  • Helps create sound and challenging academic environment in the Institution, and Contributes to social and economic development of the country by producing high quality technical manpower.

Benefits and Significance of Accreditation:

Accreditation is a tool that stakeholders use to monitor, assess and evaluate the standards and quality of the education a student receives at a college, university or other institution of higher learning. Some of the major benefits enrolled students receive by attending an accredited institution program are as follows:

  • Accredited institution / program offers the highest quality education available;
  • Accredited institution / program strengthens consumer’s confidence, employers value degrees of an accredited program the most;
  • Accreditation helps institutions to know their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, pushes them to continuously improve their programs and give them a new sense of direction, identity and targets; and
  • Accredited institution / program demonstrates accountability to the public, commitment to excellence and continuous quality improvement.


Institute's Objectives

  • Plans to become most aspired institutions in the country for Pharmacy.
  • Advanced Course curriculum, meeting the requirement of current demand in Pharmaceutical sector and value added knowledge, the Institute aims to achieve and develop professional, who are technically sound and competent.
  • To achieve minimum average CGPA of not less than 60 % by all of the students.
  • Maintain a student/stakeholder satisfaction rate of at least 97%.
  • To reduce fail/debar percentage and to aim that no student is debarred for the examination by assuring 75% attendance of all the students.
  • Plans to increase the strength of students by 10 every year.
  • Aspire to grow further and expand research projects and infrastructure to foster growth of the institution.
  • To inculcate innovative teaching/learning methodologies skills by ensuring at least 2 GD�s, role-plays, case studies and guest lecturers in a semester to develop the interest of students in the subject.
  • To complete the syllabus a week before the end of semester program.
  • 100% placement in all Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programmes.
  • Faculty upgradation system ensuring active participation in regular workshops, seminars and lecture series held in the University on a regular basis.
  • To conduct regular mentor � mentee meetings i.e. at least one in a month. Compliance to all applicable norms, guidelines and regulations.

Memorandum of Understanding

(MoU)/ Tie-up:

Award & Achievement

To desire to win, the desire to succeed , the urge to reach you full potential. These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

  1. Inext and Dainik jagran have presented “Achievers award” in the field of Education & Social Activities.
  2. Award for Blood Donation Camps by Hari Om Seva Kendra.
  3. Award for “Blood Donation Camp” by Honorable Labour Minister, Government of UP & Vice Chancellor KGMU, Lucknow.
  4. Award for “Shaksiyat-E- Lucknow” by Amar Ujala Newspaper.
  5. For Special Achievement in the field of “Education award” given by Honorable Chief Minister of U.P. “Mr. Akhilesh Yadav” in the event organized by Zee Sangam Channel