Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering Department was started since the inception of the college in the Year 2008 for imparting quality education and conducting valued research. Electrical engineering is one of the most important engineering disciplines that have changed the scenario of the world. Our important areas of teaching are Electrical Machines, Electrical Drives, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Integrated Circuits, Control Systems and Digital Signal Processing.

The vision of the department is to establish itself as a Center of Excellence in terms of research and teaching in its chosen Areas. Our undergraduate program is based on the pedagogy of learning by doing. The Aim is to invoke in our students a sense of inquisitiveness to question and to motivate them to think about the theoretical and applied problems in technology for the benefit of society. Each faculty is given adequate time to the students and are encouraged to take up project work in the area of Microprocessors, Computer Application in the electrical Power Systems and Electrical drives and Internet of Things.

The Department has Qualified and Experienced Faculty Members, all holding degrees from Renowned Institutes. Over the years the Department has developed excellent facilities to impart training in the areas of Electrical Power System, Electrical Machines, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical Networks, Microprocessor, Computer Applications and power electronics and also the department has organised many faculty development programmes to enhance the knowledge of faculties We also Undertake research projects sponsored by the industry.


Electrical Engineering is a well known field of Engineering which includes study of Electricity, Electronics & Electromagnetism with their applications. B.Tech and Diploma in Electrical Engineering can get you remunerative career in fields associated with Electricity, Electronics, Power Transmission & Various other areas related to electricity.

As today’s world is totally based on electrical objects, electrical engineering jobs are countless & never-ending. Also, there are various overseas jobs for electrical engineers. There are large number of manufacturing firms in Japan, US, Korea and Germany etc.In addition to that, there are various higher education courses after electrical engineering.Read on for detailed knowledge of various available jobs in electrical engineering.

Industries in which electrical engineers can make career

  • Electronics
  • Power transmission and distribution
  • Power generation
  • Oil and gas
  • Marine
  • Materials and metals
  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Telecoms
  • Chemical
  • Railway
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Utilities


Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory

In this laboratory, fundamental experiments are designed to expose students to execute the practical of the fundamental theories of Electrical Engineering. Laboratory has AC and DC power supplies with adequate protections that enables students to carry out the experiments in an electrically safe environment, It consisting of various equipment’s like energy meters, power meters, voltmeters, ammeters, various size and type of transformers, various types and sizes of motors.

Electrical Machines Laboratory

In this laboratory, students learn and perform the experiments on different types of electrical machines such as - transformers, Synchronous motors, alternators, dc motors & generators, three phase and single phase induction motors to verify the different characteristics of the electrical machines.

Electrical Networks Laboratory

In this laboratory, students realize and verify various theorems like Superposition Theorem, Norton Theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem and also study Low Pass Active Filter and High Pass Active Filter and series LCR Resonant Circuit Parameters.

Power System Laboratory

In this Laboratory comprises of protection, simulation, high voltage and machine related experiments. Facilities are available for over current, under voltage, directional, differential and distance relays including different numerical relays.

Modeling and Simulation Laboratory

This lab make students to apply knowledge of mathematics and science in engineering to verify various laws using MATLAB, to do programming and simulation design for various power electronics circuits and controllers.

Project Laboratory

In this lab the students are introduced with new ideas to explore the new innovations with hardware and software skills, which enhance their professional skills and give exposure.


Mr.Shashank Mishra
Assistant Professor
Experience:2 + years

Mr.Kauleshwar Pandey
Assistant Professor
Experience:8+ years

Ms. Archana Sharma
Assistant Professor
Experience:7+ years

Ms. Sameeksha Shukla
Assistant Professor
Experience:6+ years

Mr. Sushil Katiyar
Assistant Professor
Experience:4+ years

Mr. Mohit Srivastava
Assistant Professor
Experience:2+ years

Mr. Shivam Srivastava
Assistant Professor
Experience:2+ years

Mr. Saurabh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Experience:2+ years

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