Department of Computer Science


This Department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty for the best education and practical facilities to its students. Seminars and conferences are also organized in the Department for learning new technologies of computer science era to our students.

Computer Science Department provides professional environment for students in which they interact with Advance Database, Soft Computing, Analysis of Algorithms, Advance Network Security and with highly scalable demanding technology such as Artificial intelligence, IOT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning etc.

The Department at present offers B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering and BCA course.

Careers with us:-

Since, Computer Science is a growing technology and so there are lots of opportunities in this era. As per the highly demanding and well maintained our studying environment, we are providing high scaled jobs at different profile. Some profile of choosing careers is such as:-

  • Profile of Software development and testing
  • Profile of website development or web technology
  • Profile of Networking era
  • Profile of Data Analyst
  • Profile of Artificial Intelligence
  • Profile of various advanced technology such as IOT, Machine learning and python programming.
  • Profile of Data Analytics and Science


A computer science degree will prepares for in-demand jobs today and gives the foundational skills required to succeed. The students of Computer Science & Engineering can have opportunities in various fields and industries like:-

  • Website Development
  • Mobile App development
  • Full stack development
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Internet of things development
  • Data Engineer
  • Content management system Engineer


Computer lab consists of latest computer systems with 24 hour Wi-Fi connectivity. It gives practical exposure to the students and helps in carrying out research in areas of computer science and information technology. All the labs are well equipped with advanced software like python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Visual Studio .Net, Office 2016, Turbo C/C++, Jflap, Java, PL/SQL, TASM, Linux/Unix etc. Following are the major laboratories:

Python Programming Lab

Python is a powerful and object oriented high level programming language. The main objective of Python Programming Lab is to give an in depth knowledge to programming and problem solving in Python. It uses advanced tools for making students understand the dynamics of python programming.

Basic Computer and Languages Lab

SVN has a vision for students to empower their professional voice. To achieve this we have well equipped language lab that offers computer workstations with software like Comdex which give the first year students the exposure of basics of Computers in English as well as Hindi language.

Operating Systems Lab

In this lab, computers are connected to the server. Students learn the technicality of Operating Systems and works on many Operating System including Windows and LINUX .


DBMS has evolved from a specialized computer application to a central component of a modern computing environment and as a result knowledge about database system has become an essential part of computer science. The students work on databases such as Oracle 11i, DB2, My SQL etc. This Lab consists of various installed software such as D2K, PL/SQL, Windows Server 2008 / 2012.

Project Lab

It helps to demonstrate the aptitude of applying their own knowledge to solve a specific problem. Final year students perform their final year project work in this lab under the guidance of their respective project guides. The project lab consists of 50 nodes in all and provides many platforms/software’s such as JAVA, Network Simulators tools (NS2), MATLAB, Office 2013, Turbo C/C++. Adobe Page Maker, Java kit, PL/SQL,Corel Draw, Red-hat Linux 7.1. Students are encouraged for joining the working world.

Logic Design Lab and Computer Organization Lab

The purpose of the lab course is to have the students develop practical logic design skills. These labs are designed to familiarize students with the combinational and sequential digital logic design through the implementation of Digital Logic Circuits using ICs of basic logic gates and some simple digital logic circuits.


Mr.Sumeet Gupta
Assistant Professor
Experience:8+ years

Mr.Vineet Agarwal
Assistant Professor
Experience:6+ years

Ms.Anshita Raj
Assistant Professor
Experience:6+ years

Mr.Sunny Kumar
Assistant Professor
Experience:3+ years

Ms. Hina Khan
Assistant Professor
Experience:3+ years

Ms. Hemani Singh
Assistant Professor
Experience:1+ years

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