Department of Biotechnology is one of the premier department in Biotechnology education & research in Uttar Pradesh. The department was established with the aim to be “Center of Excellence” by imparting quality education & developing vision & research skills in young Biotechnocrats.

The Currently intake of students is 120. The laboratories of the departments are well equipped with the all the modern equipments required for biotechnological processes. The major areas of in this field are—

  • Production of Enzyme of commercial value and secondary metabolites by using microorganisms through solid state and submerged fermentation by utilizing agricultural wastes.
  • Study on removal of toxic metal ions produced by various industry utilizing micoorganisms.
  • Application of Biotechnological approaches in Food Technology to improve the processes.

The aim of the Department is to prepare personnel in the field of Biotechnology who could utilize their knowledge for the betterment of society and improve mankind.

S.No Name
1. Bio-chemistry Lab
2. Microbiology Lab
3. Immunology Lab
4. Genetics & molecular Biology Lab
5. Bio-lnformatics-I Lab
6. Fermentation Technology Lab
7. Bio-Process Engineering Lab
8. Genetic Eigineering Lab
9. Food Biotechnology Lab
10. Modern Analytical Technique Lab
11. DSP Lab
12. Project Lab

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