B.TECH Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering relates to the science and technology of producing food grains. It applies principles of engineering science and technology to production and processing in the field of agriculture. Here the knowledge of agriculture principles gets combined with the disciplines of animal biology, plant biology and also principles of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Chemical Engineering. BE/B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering is a 4-year programme.In this programme, the students basically study design of agricultural machinery and equipment; agricultural structures, agricultural resource management, surveying and land profiling.

Agriculture engineer are involved in the following activities

  • Design of agricultural machinery, equipment, and agricultural structures.
  • Internal combustion engines as applied to agricultural machinery
  • Agricultural resource management (including land use and water use)
  • Water management, conservation, and storage for crop irrigation and livestock production
  • Surveying and land profiling
  • Climatology and atmospheric science
  • Soil management and conservation, including erosion and erosion control
  • Seeding, tillage, harvesting, and processing of crops
  • Livestock production, including poultry, fish, and dairy animals
  • Waste management, including animal waste, agricultural residues, and fertilizer runoff
  • Food engineering and the processing of agricultural products
  • Basic principles of circuit analysis, as applied to electrical motors
  • Physical and chemical properties of materials used in, or produced by, agricultural production
  • Bioresource engineering, which uses machines on the molecular level to help the environment.
  • Design of experiments related to crop and  animal production

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